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Promoting health and wellness for improved patient outcomes

Health promotion and disease prevention are inherent in the delivery of our wellness model for state departments of corrections (DOCs). We believe the most advantageous intervention approach for incarcerated patients in jails and prisons is proactive, evidence-based wellness initiatives that will positively impact public health for the community at large while lowering costs for taxpayers in the long run.

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In 2022, NaphCare began a partnership with the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR) to provide comprehensive healthcare services to more than 33,000 individuals across 10 state prisons. NaphCare made a significant investment and commitment to the health and safety of those in Arizona’s prisons, and one year later, we are driving valuable improvements in access to care and patient outcomes. Click here to read our Year 1 Progress Report and see how NaphCare is innovating to improve lives in Arizona.

NaphCare Correctional Nurse Listening to a Patient’s Heartbeat

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In light of high demand for restoration treatment services—coupled with limited state hospital-bed availability—our JBCT program is an alternative treatment option that relieves pressure on state hospital resources, provides timely treatment to efficiently restore defendants to competency, and deters excessive delays of the judicial process.

"TechCare provides a single, complete solution and covers all aspects of correctional medical and behavioral healthcare both onsite and offsite, and follows a truly fixed fee approach regardless of user/provider counts, patient population, or number of facilities. In addition, the fully automated off-line mode of TechCare® has allowed us to skip deployments of Wi-Fi throughout our facilities, saving us thousands of dollars.

Now up and running for almost two years, we have an excellent relationship with the TechCare team, which includes onsite visits throughout the year and ongoing advancements in the system to serve our patient’s evolving needs. These examples of continued advancement and partnership at all levels and more are the reasons we will stay with TechCare. NaphCare has been an exemplary partner and I highly recommend them and the TechCare Electronic Health Record without any reservations"

Helen Hanks
Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Corrections / 3,100 ADP

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