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Advancing health care in America’s jails

We specialize in providing comprehensive medical and behavioral health programs specifically for city and county jails. We are committed to advancing correctional health care through innovative technology, our Proactive Care Model and revolutionary programs that address the mental health and substance abuse epidemics impacting America’s jails.

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Saving Lives with MAT

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs in jails have shown value in reducing recidivism and improving local communities. NaphCare has worked with clients to obtain millions in grant funding and in-kind contributions to support MAT programs, saving lives while providing continuity of care.
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Stabilizing the Mental Health Crisis in Jails

Across the United States, there are more individuals with severe mental illness (SMI) in jails than public and private psychiatric hospitals, though treatment resources are far more scarce in correctional than clinical settings. With well-intentioned motivation, correctional facilities attempt to protect this vulnerable – often traumatized – population by separating them from the general population. Unfortunately, we have learned the harmful consequences that can occur with social isolation and segregated housing. NaphCare – in conjunction with our correctional partners at Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa, Florida – developed a new model for providing mental health care in a correctional environment.

"Inpatient hospital stays have been reduced. Off-site medical visits were reduced. Ambulance trips reduced. Contracts were established with local hospitals and healthcare providers negotiating outcome fee-for-service charges that proved cost effective to county taxpayers.”

Newton County Jail, Georgia
Sammy Banks, Captain

"NaphCare has been our medical service provider since 2014. Their onsite and corporate staff remain very responsive and effective in meeting the medical needs of our facility. We look forward to our continued partnership."

Santa Ana Police Department, California
Christina Holland, Former Jail Administrator

"Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Jail has been nothing but pleased with the partnership with NaphCare. We were impressed immediately by how NaphCare handles a transition; within hours they were set up and fully functioning without any impact to operations. This professionalism and motivation continues today in the outstanding medical care NaphCare provides to those incarcerated in our jail, including a new Medical Assisted Treatment program. We are grateful to have NaphCare as part of our community and family."

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Jail
Lt. Penelope Sapp

"Yes, I would recommend the stock pharmacy approach to any facility NaphCare serves. Although initial transition costs for pharmaceuticals increased (to stock the shelves), we can now clearly see that it has been a cost saving measure compared to our previous pharmacy service. I’ll admit that I was skeptical when HSA John Ackerman first approached me with this idea of stock medications. However, I’m glad I listened to him and know now that it not only resulted in cost savings, but also made it so much more efficient for NaphCare to process the medication orders/billing."

Lewis County Sheriff's Office
Chief Chris Sweet

"I really appreciate all the hard work that NaphCare has done through this crisis. We believe the guidance we received from NaphCare is one of the reasons we have not had the dooms day scenario come true at the Justice Center as we were initially expected. As always, thank you and your team for what you do! We couldn’t be happier with the service that NaphCare provides."

Hamilton County Justice Center (OH), Former Jail Administrator
Major David Turner

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