NaphCare Team Recognized for Heroic, Lifesaving Measures at Fulton County Jail

October 17, 2023

Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts and Commissioner (District 1) Bridget Thorne recognized members of NaphCare’s healthcare team with the Fulton County Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Endeavors for the Benefit of Fulton County Citizens.

“I’m honored today to recognize this NaphCare team of healthcare heroes for going above and beyond to save lives during a serious incident at the jail. Thank you for putting your patients first,” said Chairman Pitts.

Earlier this year, NaphCare’s medical team at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta responded to multiple, simultaneous medical emergencies and successfully saved many patients’ lives. In a single day, NaphCare's medical team responded to nearly a dozen medical emergencies with success.

In one instance, the team received a call for assistance in treating a patient with a severe injury to a major artery. NaphCare's first responders acted swiftly and performed life-saving measures both before and during transport to the hospital.

The same day, NaphCare's medical team received a second call for help. Upon arrival, they were met with the aftermath of a serious incident where several patients had been severely injured and required immediate medical attention. The NaphCare team quickly assessed the emergency in order to initiate rescue efforts. Despite the challenge of a high-tension situation, NaphCare's medical team remained focused and successfully rescued six individuals.

This accomplishment was achieved thanks to the tireless efforts of NaphCare's dedicated medical staff, who work every day to improve and save lives. The health services team at the Fulton County Jail remains committed to providing high-quality healthcare to all patients, and NaphCare’s security escorts remain on duty in Fulton County, striving to ensure the safety of team members during medical emergencies.

Fulton County NaphCare Team