NaphCare Recognizes Pharmacy Technicians

October 18, 2022

On Pharmacy Technician Day, NaphCare recognizes the hard work and contributions of our team of Pharmacy Technicians to our pharmacy operations and patient care. NaphCare Pharmacy Technicians work in both our central pharmacy and in client facilities across the country. They are vital to the process of providing care to our patients. From receiving and filling prescriptions to communicating with healthcare staff and patients regarding medications, the Pharmacy Technicians are NaphCare’s first point of contact between the pharmacy and our client facilities.

“They help our pharmacy to be efficient. Everyone has a role, and everyone plays their role very well to bridge communication gaps. They are critical to providing care to our patients,” Chief Pharmacist Darrelle Knight says.

NaphCare’s beginnings are rooted in providing pharmaceutical services to correctional facilities, and we are proud to continue delivering those services to our clients more than 30 years later. Several of our Pharmacy Technicians have been with NaphCare and the pharmacy since its earliest days, when it was Correctional Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

Carole Roman, a NaphCare employee of 25 years, says, “Although the pharmacy is part of the bigger picture, this is where it all started, and we still hold our core values and our commitment to our patients. When I started at CPSI, all we did was fill prescriptions. Our company has evolved, but we still hold the patients at our core.”

As NaphCare has grown, our pharmacy and its role have expanded as well. Knight comments, “Our Pharmacy Technicians’ role is pivotal as NaphCare continues to grow. We wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care or the volume of services if they weren’t involved in the process.”

Nathene Stirtmire is a Pharmacy Technician who has been with NaphCare since the beginning. “In the past 38 years, I have been able to learn and grow in knowledge of the profession of pharmacy. My responsibilities have increased as the company continues to expand,” Stirtmire says.

Thank you to all our Pharmacy Technicians for your continued commitment to NaphCare, our mission, and our patients.