Advancing Technology Across Arizona

March 13, 2024

When NaphCare was awarded the contract to provide medical and mental health services statewide for the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR) in 2022, the company took on the challenge to provide innovative technology and a better system of healthcare to a population in need. NaphCare has since worked to transform correctional healthcare services in Arizona through proactive, preventive healthcare and the TechCare electronic health records (EHR) system.

TechCare, created by NaphCare as a corrections-specific EHR system, is a comprehensive medical management system designed to manage the complex requirements of correctional healthcare. TechCare has been instrumental in significantly improving patient care across ADCRR’s correctional system by providing a myriad of features, workflows and advanced reporting designed to improve patient care, staff efficiency, compliance, communication and documentation.

NaphCare initially transitioned ten state-run ADCRR facilities to TechCare, including migrating data for more than 27,900 incarcerated individuals. As part of its continuing mission to improve and save lives, NaphCare has now gone a step further and completed an expansion of the TechCare EHR system into the ADCRR’s six private prisons. With the completion of this expansion project, Arizona now has consistent documentation and a centralized platform for health information across all correctional facilities statewide that supports continuity of care.

This large-scale project included deployment, integration, data migration and training. As an ONC-certified EHR, TechCare meets national standards for interoperability and is capable of advanced interfaces with a wide variety of information systems. Additionally, NaphCare recently achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance, demonstrating our strong commitment to security and validating that NaphCare’s information security practices meet industry standards. At ADCRR, TechCare designed an advanced interface with ADCRR’s offender management system (OMS), ACIS (successfully delivered and managed by MiCase), to share critical data between systems.

TechCare has standardized and improved the delivery of healthcare across the ADCRR system. The EHR's workflows and processes are tailored to the ADCRR and provide consistency of care at every site, increasing the level of care and oversight.

Additionally, NaphCare and TechCare are growing in statewide departments of corrections (DOC) as they have begun several new partnerships to provide TechCare EHR to the state DOCs in Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, and Virginia.

NaphCare looks forward to its continued partnership with the ADCRR, and its new DOC partnerships, to innovate new solutions that will continue to make a positive impact across these states.