NaphCare is off to a Great Start Providing Proactive Health Care in the Fulton County Jails

January 18, 2018.  Atlanta, Georgia

While revelers celebrated the start of 2018 at midnight, a newly-formed healthcare team took the reins in the Fulton County jail system.  Now almost three weeks into this new role, Alabama-based NaphCare is off to a great start in providing proactive healthcare services in Fulton County.  NaphCare provides a range of correctional healthcare services in 37 states and brings 28 years of correctional healthcare experience to Fulton County. The Fulton County jail system marks NaphCare’s 25th contract to provide comprehensive healthcare services in a county or city jail system.

NaphCare’s Fulton County team combines many established professionals who have long provided health care in the Fulton County jails with new staff and support from NaphCare’s corporate office in Birmingham.  NaphCare’s onsite healthcare team consists of 156 full time equivalent employees working at the South Fulton Jail Annex, Union City, and the Alpharetta Annex, providing healthcare coverage around the clock every day.

Cornelius Henderson, a Senior Vice President with NaphCare, is presiding over the transition.  Mr. Henderson explained the process as follows:” In a transition, NaphCare begins hiring and training weeks in advance, and on the official start date we bring in healthcare professionals from across the country to train and guide the local staff in implementing NaphCare’s proactive model of providing healthcare in jails. Thanks to the high level of cooperation and hard work by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and everyone involved with the process, this has been an extremely smooth transition.”

A key part of the start-up process involves NaphCare’s establishment of its award-winning electronic health record, TechCare®.  NaphCare’s Information Technology team was onsite and ready to ensure that the new software and hardware systems were operational on day one, and that staff were trained in how to use the software.  Explained Susanne Moore, Chief of Operations and Executive Vice President of NaphCare, “our electronic health record is the backbone of NaphCare’s proactive healthcare model, and enables our onsite and corporate healthcare providers to remain in constant contact to care for our patients.”


Release Date: 01/18/2018