NaphCare Continues Partnership with FCC Terre Haute, IN

BIRMINGHAM, AL — NaphCare, Inc., an independent partner to correctional facilities nationwide for innovative healthcare management and technology solutions, was recently selected by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to continue as the medical services provider for inmates housed at the Federal Correctional Complex located in Terre Haute, Indiana (FCC Terre Haute). NaphCare’s relationship with FCC Terre Haute first began in 2004 and has now spanned over the course of three consecutive medical contracts. Under the newest contract, NaphCare will continue to provide inmate healthcare services to the FCC until 2023, with a value of over $95,000,000.

FCC Terre Haute has three separate facilities within the complex that houses between 2,500 – 3,500 inmates. The facilities include a Camp, a Medium security building, and a United States Penitentiary. The FCC houses Care Level II and III inmates and is the only BOP facility in the country designated to house death row inmates. The arrangement calls for NaphCare to maintain full responsibility to oversee all off-site care when an inmate’s health requires a hospital or doctor visit outside of the prison complex. This centers around using proven cost-saving strategies common in the private sector, including negotiating discounted rates at area hospitals, ensuring that only approved and medically necessary care is administered, and reviewing every medical claim for accurate billing and coding. In addition, the prison receives a full array of services that include network development and contracting, appointment scheduling, and a web-based medical records system to better manage inmate healthcare and costs.

Over the last 14 years NaphCare has helped support FCC Terre Haute through a variety of changes, including the addition of housing inmates who require a higher level of medical care and building a state-of-the-art secure unit at Union Hospital. We are excited about working with new and existing staff at the FCC, and expect great things from both NaphCare and the BOP under this new contract. NaphCare values the strong and productive relationships in place with local community partners as well as tertiary partners in Indianapolis. Our leadership is especially appreciative of the on-site staff and on-site contract physicians who support the company’s mission to optimize the delivery of correctional healthcare.

Katherine Tarica, NaphCare’s EVP/COO of Federal Prisons, has been working with the FCC since 2006 and says about the new contract, “Much of the success NaphCare has had at Terre Haute is the direct result of establishing and maintaining open, honest, and collaborative working relationships with the BOP staff and the community providers. We understand the necessity of strong relationships and open communication for our success and are thankful for our partners.”

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Release Date: 04/26/2018