NaphCare and Maricopa County, AZ, Join Forces to Leverage TechCare Correctional EHR Technology to Secure Almost $400,000 Through a Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

BIRMINGHAM, AL — NaphCare, Inc., an independent partner to correctional facilities nationwide for innovative healthcare management and technology solutions, provides Maricopa County, AZ, with its proprietary electronic health records system, http://techcareehr.comTechCare®, used to manage all health records for the 7,000 inmates housed at multiple Maricopa County jail facilities.

In 2016, the County approached NaphCare with the idea to apply for incentive payments available through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) when healthcare providers demonstrate adoption, implementation and meaningful use of certified EHR technology. TechCare® has been in use for Maricopa County inmates since 2012 and achieved ONC “Complete” Certification in 2014 and 2015.

In order to adhere to CMS requirements and to qualify for incentive payments, a medical provider must utilize an EHR system that has successfully undergone a rigorous set of defined clinical and quality standards that is reported to CMS, ultimately resulting in formal certification. The motivating factors prompting NaphCare to pursue meaningful use certification for its TechCare® EHR product included the aim to bring a high level of confidence to TechCare® for all NaphCare clients, to promote interoperability between other systems, and to improve care coordination for their inmate patients.

Several hundred hours of collective effort went into this project, with coordination between County Correctional Health Services and the Arizona Medicaid Office, working with NaphCare’s full-time Meaningful Use Consultant, in-house software developers and clinicians in order to meet the meaningful use requirements initially designed for hospitals and private practices.

The end result was a windfall of $382,500 paid to Maricopa County this past January. What is unique about this achievement is that until now, no jail and correctional EHR system have collaborated to apply for and procure funds through the government’s EHR Incentive Program. “Our team has worked diligently over the last couple of years to qualify for this incentive payment,” says Rebecca Quince, Business Integration and Technology Manager for Maricopa County.  “Despite numerous challenges and roadblocks, the team’s persistence along with NaphCare’s continued commitment to Maricopa County, has allowed us to be successful in this endeavor.”

Dr. Grant Phillips, Medical Director for the County’s Correctional Health Services, adds, “The collaboration between Maricopa County’s Correctional Health Services and our partners in outside agencies to secure funds through the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program represents several years of hard work and the diligence of multiple members of our teams. It is a reflection of the hard work and commitment that members of our organizations put forth on a daily basis. Our groups will continue to work toward the common goal of providing excellent medical and psychiatric care to the most vulnerable populations within our society. Not only is the incentive program a benchmark of the progress we’ve made over the years in EHR implementation, but will also help us to fulfill our goal of being innovators in our field.”

And Byron Harrison, NaphCare’s Director of Information Systems, states, “We are extremely proud of the County’s achievement and are ecstatic to be a part of this project’s success in providing a resilient and efficient EHR solution that supports the County’s well-defined processes and extremely high level of care. Our strong partnership with Maricopa County Corrections allows firsts like this to happen.”

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Release Date: 02/28/2018