NaphCare uses telehealth services to enhance care at our client correctional facilities.

Telehealth can increase the level of on-site services we provide at our client facilities and ensure the availability of a provider to give consults and review tests and lab work whenever necessary. While cost savings is one benefit of telehealth, NaphCare also understands the benefit that telehealth provides to continuity of care. It improves communication between providers and patients by offering increased interactions and opportunities to discuss treatment.

Other benefits of telehealth include the following:

  • Increased quality of care – Increases accessibility to specialty care and providers
  • Efficient treatment – Reduces the cost of off-site specialty services and aids cost savings by delivering care more efficiently
  • Decreased transportation cost – Decreases the number of off-site trips for specialty services, resulting in direct savings in transportation and security costs
  • Facilitates appointments – Increases kept appointments and frequency of contact with local and off-site providers while minimizing the risk for missed or delayed treatment
  • Meetings – Facilitates consultation meetings with providers, multi-facility education training, staff meetings that reduce travel time, in turn, saving time and money

An added advantage to NaphCare’s telehealth program is the use of our EHR system, TechCare®. TechCare® blends perfectly with a telehealth program because the provider can view and communicate clearly with the patient, while also having simultaneous access to the patient’s total medical record in TechCare®.