NaphCare Is Off To A Great Start Providing Healthcare At the City of Henderson (NV) Detention Center

LAS VEGAS, NV — NaphCare, Inc., an independent partner to correctional facilities nationwide for innovative healthcare management and technology solutions, was selected by the City of Henderson, Nevada, to provide comprehensive medical care to the inmates housed at the City’s Detention Center. Starting on July 1, NaphCare assumed responsibility for care of the inmates housed at the Henderson Detention Center.

NaphCare employs roughly 23 clinical and administrative staff at the Detention Center to manage all facets of the jail’s medical, dental, mental health and emergency care for approximately 510 male and female inmates who reside there. In addition, NaphCare arranges for off-site hospital or physician appointments when an inmate’s medical needs require more advanced care than what can be provided on-site. Ready to go on day one, NaphCare installed its corrections-specific electronic health record and operating system, TechCare®, to optimally manage inmate care. The on-site medical staff are supported by corporate staff in NaphCare’s Las Vegas, NV and Birmingham, AL corporate offices.

Originally built in 1994 with 262 beds, the City of Henderson Detention Center was expanded in 2010 to hold a maximum of 540 inmates, in anticipation of projected population growth. The facility also boards inmates from other local and federal jurisdictions.

NaphCare provides a range of correctional healthcare services in 37 states and brings 29 years of correctional healthcare experience to Henderson. This new partnership with Henderson marks the third contract in Nevada for NaphCare, adding to arrangements already in place for jails in Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno). Nationwide, the City of Henderson is NaphCare’s 26th contract to provide comprehensive healthcare services in a county or city jail system.

NaphCare’s Information Technology team worked on-site to ensure that its TechCare® software systems were fully operational on day one and that staff were fully trained: “We designed TechCare® specifically for the correctional healthcare environment and customized the system to optimize Henderson’s inmate health information management, streamline sharing of medical records, and improve day-to-day operations at the Detention Center,” said Susanne Moore, Chief of Operations and Executive Vice President for NaphCare.

NaphCare will also utilize a team of healthcare professionals in Birmingham, Alabama, to review patient charts, start medications, and monitor the delivery of healthcare at the jail 24/7. No other correctional healthcare provider, public or private, offers a similar level of service. Explained Ms. Moore, “Having this second set of eyes watching out for our patients is particularly valuable in a jail the size of Henderson.”

Shannon Mathews, a Senior Vice President with NaphCare, is presiding over the transition. Ms. Mathews explained the process as follows: “In a transition, NaphCare begins hiring and training weeks in advance, and on the official start date we bring in healthcare professionals from our other sites to train and guide the local staff in implementing NaphCare’s proactive model of providing healthcare in jails. Thanks to the high level of cooperation and hard work by the City of Henderson and everyone involved with the process, this has been an extremely smooth transition.”

The Henderson Detention Center’s Captain Damon Smith added, “The Henderson Police Department is looking forward to this partnership with NaphCare as we continue to meet the medical needs of the detainees entrusted to us. NaphCare shares our goal to provide quality, cost efficient care in a safe and secure environment.”

About NaphCare

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Release Date: 07/09/2018