Environmental Policy Statement

NaphCare, Inc. strives to provide its services in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We employ recycling initiatives in every department possible and always make the effort to minimize our environmental footprint. Those initiatives include:

Paper Products: NaphCare has a vendor for shredding services at its corporate office that recycles all paper goods disposed in the multiple bins we have staged. We are paperless with regard to our supply chain between the corporate office and our facilities and any shipping documents generated from a delivery are scanned to corporate and then shredded and recycled.

Shipping: All boxes purchased by NaphCare for shipping purposes are made from 100% recycled materials. All boxes received from our facilities are all re-used whenever possible. In addition, pre-set approval settings allow facilities to order routine supplies only two days a week allowing consolidation of shipments. Emergent supply needs are handled through a different process.

Information Technology: Specifically with respect to information technology equipment, NaphCare practices a rigid recycling and proper disposal program. All IT equipment that has expired is returned to NaphCare’s corporate office. It is then triaged and marginally useful equipment is wiped clean of all information and provided to local schools for use in the classroom. Equipment of no value is properly disposed of by an authorized party who follows all EPA guidelines for disposal of technology equipment and peripherals.

Environmental Waste: NaphCare contracts with Stericycle at all of our facilities to dispose of and monitor any environmental waste and hazardous materials in compliance with environmental regulations.

Sub-contracting: NaphCare strives to ensure that all sub-contracted businesses have programs in place to support our environmental sustainability initiatives. Our primary medical and dental supply vendor works to promote sustainability. McKesson and Henry Schein, whom we have contracts with, both have sustainability programs in place. It is important to us that the companies we work with are just as environmentally conscious as ourselves and our clients.