Information Technology

TechCare Team

Jason Douglas

Jason Douglas

Vice-President of Information Systems

Jason Douglas brings more than 14 years of experience in information systems and information technology operations to NaphCare. As Vice President of Information Systems, he oversees the architecture and implementation of NaphCare’s innovative correctional healthcare system, TechCare®. He is also responsible for directing the design and development of NaphCare’s IT systems as well as the deployment of these systems in the field.

In addition to the detailed oversight of TechCare®, Jason also manages the persons directly responsible for the development of all software systems at NaphCare. He also oversees the site and corporate IT operations and works closely with the Director of IT Operations to ensure full coverage of all IT systems for all users. Mr. Douglas’ ability to understand the uniqueness of correctional healthcare has allowed him to identify and apply technologies in order to streamline NaphCare’s proactive approach and provide superior service to all involved parties.

Byron Harrison

Byron Harrison

Director of IT Operations

Mr. Harrison has over five years of experience in the Information Technology field and is responsible for the coordination and communication between all the moving parts of TechCare®. With a working knowledge of networking, servers, software, and managing IT systems within a professional environment, Mr. Harrison works closely with the NaphCare operations team and the software development team to ensure the goals of TechCare® are met with efficient coordination.

Further, Mr. Harrison is also responsible for overseeing the 24/7 IT Helpdesk and its obligation to strict service level agreements. He helps ensure that NaphCare provides consistent support and results for all IT systems in place. He also assists with the coordination of upgrades and new deployments of TechCare® by working with the software, hardware, and operations teams at NaphCare.

Patrick Mcloughlin

Patrick McLoughlin

Site IT Manager

Mr. McLoughlin has over 15 years of experience in the Information technology field where his primary focus has been based around Microsoft and VMware technologies.

He is responsible for initial setup, ongoing support and long term planning of the contracted facilities’ information management systems. He coordinates new installs, site hardware refreshes, and manages and maintains the network infrastructure at all NaphCare facilities.

He is also responsible for the coordination between NaphCare and the IT departments at our contracted facilities, ensuring that TechCare® has the best available infrastructure.

Nathan Newman

Nathan Newman

TechCare® Operations Manager

Mr. Newman is responsible for successful customization, implementation and support of all TechCare® contract sales clients.

He is involved in coordinating all customizations of the TechCare® application with client stakeholders to ensure contractual requirements are met. With more than 12 years of IT experience in various roles, Mr. Newman ensures a successful rollout of TechCare® for each and every client.

Charlie Barranco

Charlie Barranco

TechCare® Implementation & Support Manager

Mr. Barranco has over eight years of healthcare IT experience managing and maintaining implementations and transitions for Federal, State and Municipal government and private sector electronic health systems.

He works both onsite and remotely through all phases of TechCare® projects by partnering with IT counterparts including end-users, healthcare providers, and Medical Directors to ensure timely, efficient and ongoing utilization of TechCare®.