Pharmacy Team

NaphCare wants to provide our clients with quality pharmaceutical services while also reducing their drug costs.

We own and operate our pharmacy, which is dedicated solely to the correctional facilities we serve. Our in-house pharmacy is located in the same building as our corporate office and provides complete pharmacy services, including management, record keeping and delivery system in compliance with all regulatory policies and procedures.

NaphCare’s pharmacy is unique and proactive in that it provides not only dispensing services, but also clinical services that ensure inmates receive the proper medication and treatment with quality assurance. Our pharmacy has the advantage of using TechCare®, so pharmacists have patient information on hand at all times to help manage inmates with chronic diseases and verify medications.


NaphCare is certified and accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®), and is the first pharmacy in Alabama to receive this verification. The NABP® is an impartial professional organization that supports the state boards of pharmacy in protecting public health.

Our pharmacists review each patient’s electronic medication administration record (eMAR) for:

  • Drug interactions
  • Drug duplications
  • Patients taking inappropriate medications
  • Therapeutic efficacy
  • Pharmaceutical care plans

Our pharmacy’s chronic care management service provides clinical support by:

  • Identifying chronic care patients
  • Ensuring chronically ill patients receive medications in line with national guidelines
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Notifying providers when patients continuously refuse therapy
  • Monitoring medication lab values to prevent toxic levels
  • Providing drug information for patients and staff

NaphCare pharmacists intervene and offer medication recommendations to improve patient outcomes when needed. These functions support our clinical team and help NaphCare to provide outstanding care to our patients.

We offer the following extra value benefits to facilities that utilize our in-house pharmacy services:

  • Purchasing discounts and cost savings are extended to our CLIENTS
  • Simplified prescription drug ordering
  • Automated system continually streams new prescription orders to the pharmacists for quick and complete clinical review
  • Swift communication between the pharmacy and healthcare units, immediate access to new drug orders, and simplified drug formulary management
  • Registered pharmacists review all new drug orders for duplicate therapy, drug interactions, allergies, dosing schedules, and appropriateness of therapy
  • National contracts with local major pharmacies for emergency back-up services
  • Most prescriptions are FREE OF CHARGE for NaphCare employees that elect our health insurance plan
Darrelle Knight

Darrelle Knight

Director of Clinical Pharmacy Operations, PharMD, MSM, CCHP

Dr. Knight has over 10 years of pharmacy experience. Her responsibilities include formulary management, clinical CQI initiatives, facility audits, drug utilization review, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacotherapy. She takes pride in developing strong relationships with NaphCare’s customers and maximizing patient outcomes through cost-effective measures for our customers.

Dr. Knight successfully ensures seamless pharmacy transitions for our clients. During a transition she is on-site to manage all functions of the pharmacy. She also trains staff on the use of TechCare®, including medication administration from medication order entry to the pill pass process.