Mental Health

Mental Health Team

We offer a mental health program that is based on the proactive identification and stabilization of inmates with mental health issues.

As the mental health population in correctional facilities continues to increase, the burden of care and cost falls directly on the facility, and treatment for the mentally ill impacts the community at large. Risk management is a priority, and NaphCare recognizes that a strong mental health system is imperative. Our clinical and administrative mental health team works closely with local mental health agencies to effectively manage inmates and plan for their care after release.

NaphCare’s mental health program is built on a foundation of quality staff that focus on:

  • Proactive identification of persons with suicidal or behavioral health issues through comprehensive mental health screenings,
  • Stabilization,
  • Continued monitoring,
  • Rapid crisis intervention,
  • Effective programming,
  • Constant, clear and effective communication with facility security leadership and staff, and
  • Collaboration with community mental health providers at discharge.