Ancillary Team

Rick Apollo

Richard Apollo

Vice President of Ancillary Services, RN

Mr. Apollo is responsible for the overall management of NaphCare’s ancillary services, including personnel management and contract administration. He is a registered nurse with more than 21 years of healthcare and administrative experience. His background includes budgeting, contract administration, and operations for dialysis clinics. Additional responsibilities include staffing and retention of medical professionals for clinic sites, such as nephrologists and nurse managers. As a liaison between our dialysis units and the Department of Corrections clients, he actively manages personnel, revenue, medical staff relations and ongoing corporate initiatives.

Mr. Apollo has extensive experience with federal, state, and local regulations related to ancillary services. He has provided clinical dialysis nursing services on numerous occasions and within the confines of a maximum security state correctional facility.

Amber Leckenby

Amber Leckenby

Director of Ancillary Services

Ms. Leckenby has over 14 years of experience in healthcare. She provides overall site management for all of NaphCare’s correctional chronic dialysis units, including the administrative, operational, clinical, and financial functions. She also provides continuous quality assessments.

Ms. Leckenby administers staff development for unit managers, nurses and patient care technicians. She is responsible for retention and recruiting, compliance and performance audits, policy and procedure maintenance, compliance with unit accreditations, and problem resolution. She also participates in the process of implementing dialysis units for client facilities.

Tonya Bates

Tanya Bates

Purchasing Manager of Ancillary Services

Ms. Bates serves as the contact for NaphCare’s client dialysis units, as well as a conduit for human resources. She performs all purchasing of dialysis supplies and equipment and assists our client dialysis units in administrative functions.