Who We Are

NaphCare, Inc. is uniquely qualified as a correctional healthcare partner, having provided a wide range of services since 1989. Our correctional healthcare model is centered on providing proactive care, which has been proven to improve inmate healthcare and reduce costs. We take great pride in our proactive approach and in servicing a population in great need.

As a leader in the industry, we are committed to continually advancing our technology, which results in reduced liability, greater accuracy, improved services, and lower costs. We offer experienced and knowledgeable personnel, as well as direct access and communication with our leadership team.

NaphCare offers the following key advantages:

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Meaningful Use Certified System, TechCare®

Our EHR system is correctional-specific and fully customizable for your agency. NaphCare integrates all necessary state standards into TechCare® to meet our clients’ particular compliance requirements. Simply stated, TechCare® provides the highest level of quality assurance and risk management for correctional facilities.

NaphCare is proud to state that TechCare® achieved certification by the Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB, in accordance with the applicable 2014 certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. TechCare® is certified as a complete EHR product that does not rely on any 3rd party software.

ONC-ACB certification ensures compliance with the standards required in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Therefore, through TechCare®, NaphCare is able to take full advantage of the PPACA for our clients as it relates to inmate healthcare.

Electronic health records is one of TechCare®’s many features, but there is much more.

  • Identifies critical medical needs and ensures timely intervention
  • Paperless system that integrates care
  • Seamlessly shares patient medical records between correctional facilities
  • Enhances efficiency, improves day-to-day operations, and minimizes the risk of litigation through standardized processes and documentation
  • Provides electronic medication administration records for outstanding medication management and documentation
  • Client is guaranteed full ownership of records and data in a usable format

Large Scale Expertise

Our Proactive Care Model is proven to work in facilities with large populations. Additionally, NaphCare’s EHR is built to manage high-volume, active populations by increasing efficiency, accountability, transparency, and consistency.

Commitment to Accreditation

Compliance with correctional healthcare standards is a priority for NaphCare. We have a 100% success rate in acquiring and maintaining accreditation, which demonstrates our clinical proficiency, accountability, and quality of care. We are the ONLY correctional healthcare provider that has earned accreditation from three national organizations: ACA, NCCHC and JCAHO.

Accreditation Seal

Industry-leading Utilization Management and Off-site Tracking

Our off-site management process saves money and provides the most appropriate care for inmates. We electronically track off-site appointments, which gives us complete patient information and the ability to analyze trends while also providing our client partners with proactive data and evaluation tools.

Accountability and Performance Measurement

NaphCare believes in a transparent partnership with our clients. We are accountable for the services we provide and document all patient interactions in our system. NaphCare self-audits our healthcare services on a regular basis to ensure contract compliance. We provide daily customized reports and access to data to ensure contract performance meets and exceeds the needs of our client partners.

On-site Transition Team and Support

NaphCare dedicates staff to provide on-site transition support. Our on-site transition team of clinical and administrative experts implements a startup plan that is designed to reduce any anxiety involved with changing vendors. We guarantee a smooth transition to NaphCare, including the full implementation of our TechCare® system, that will be completed on time.