Children's Hospital

    Parent’s Night Out – 2014

    NaphCare partners with Children’s Hospital of Alabama Auxiliary Board and volunteer staff in hosting Parent’s Night Out on July 10, 2014.

    Parent’s Night Out – 2013

    NaphCare has partnered with the Children’s of Alabama Auxiliary Board and volunteer staff in hosting Parents’ Night Out (PNO) since 2009. This year’s event took place on November 14 in the Children’s Harbor Family Center. It gave the parents of children patients the opportunity to get away from their everyday stresses and enjoy a great meal, have fun playing games and win prizes.

    Parent’s Night Out – 2012

    This monthly event is designed to provide parents of patients a moment to step away and enjoy a great meal, entertainment, and prizes. The event took place in the Children’s Harbor Family Center where over 20 deserving families kicked off the night with clowns and a fun game of bingo. NaphCare employees have partnered with the Children’s of Alabama Volunteer Staff and Auxiliary Board for the past three years to make the night a wonderful success. “As a parent, it is always difficult when your child is in the hospital. To have an opportunity to provide the parents with an evening where they can take their minds off everything for just a few moments is a great way for us to give back,” said Chris Bell, Vice-President of Business Development.

    Parent’s Night Out – 2010

    Each month Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, AL provides a service called Parents Night Out. This program give the parents of patients a chance to take a break, have dinner, see other parents, and win prizes for their children in the hospital.

    Recently NaphCare provided dinner, decorations, served as waiter/waitresses for the evening, and donated prizes for the games. Over 40 parents enjoyed the night’s activities. Prizes such as dolls, race cars, DVDs, craft items, and large stuffed animals were awarded to won. A NaphCare employee states, “It’s always a good feeling to help the parents and see the smiling faces of the children.”